Jaguar Land Rover and Chery Jaguar Land Rover Shine at  the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show Carmakers Vow Unwavering Commitment to  Customers and to Innovation
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·2015 marks the 5th Anniversary of Jaguar Land Rover China, 80 years of Jaguar and the 45thanniversary of the birth ofthe Range Rover

·Jaguar Land Rover China launches its newestCSR initiative, the “1001 Dreams” campaign

·China’s first glimpse of the nextgenerationJaguar XF ushers in a new era of businesssports sedan

·The 6 millionth Land Rover ever produced –a Range Rover Vogue SELong Wheel Base, looking back at the legendary Range Rover’s 45-year long history alongside Chinese consumers

·The locally-produced Range Rover Evoque, the first vehicle manufactured by Chery Jaguar Land Rover,is on display, offering consumers classic British Range Rover pedigree witha widerof choice models and configurations


(20th April 2015, Shanghai) The 16th Shanghai International Auto Show opens at the new National Exhibition and Convention Centre, andJaguar Land Rover brings its dual brands to be exhibited alongside Chery Jaguar Land Rover in Hall 4.1. This year, Jaguar Land Rover highlights the brand’s profound heritage, exquisite design and technological achievements with the powerful product line-up of 21 high-end cars.

This year marks Jaguar’s 80th anniversary. With the XJL and XF 80th Anniversary Editions both on display, Jaguar aims to bring audiences closer to the brand experience. Furthermore, the all-new Jaguar XF makes its China debut, with Jaguar’s latest intelligent aluminium architecture ushering in a new era of business class sports sedan. This year’s Auto Show also sees the China debut of the 16MY Jaguar F-TYPE. Complete with AWD system, Jaguar’s ultimate sports performance is unleashed in its purest form through this sports car.

A pioneer in the field of premium SUVs, Land Rover celebrates 45 years of the Range Rover family. During the exhibition Land Rover will showcase the 6,000,000th Land Rover, a Range Rover Vogue SE Long Wheel Base,looking back at the legendary Range Rover’s 45-year long history alongside Chinese consumers. The Range Rover Sport SVR, the fastest and most powerful Land Rover ever, also makes its China debut and the China built Range Rover Evoque, manufactured by Chery Jaguar Land Rover and the first JLR vehicle to be manufactured outside the UK, once again attracts attention from consumers and the media alike.

Bob Grace, President of Jaguar Land Rover China, said “2015 is the fifth year since Jaguar Land Rover’s entrance into China. This year we celebrate Jaguar’s 80thanniversary and 45 years of the Range Rover. Looking at the history of these two brands, Jaguar Land Rover’sefforts throughout our history has focused on paying tribute to classic models whilst integrating cutting-edge design. These foci have definitely been reflected in this fantastic line-up. The models that we have brought to this year’s exhibition not only highlight our past, but showcase our future commitment to the Chinese market. The strategic significance of the Chinese market to Jaguar Land Rover is beyond doubt. The company has pledged to build a solid foundation for sustainable development in China by providing quality products and a premium service, byensuring the rapid growth of our dealer network and by advancing our localisation efforts. Meanwhile, as an additional channel that complementsthe traditional dealer network, the Jaguar Land Rover China Official Flagship Store has been officially launched on Tmall. This marks the first stage of Jaguar Land Rover’s e-business strategy for China, and allows us to provide customers with a more convenient way to access our unparalleled products and service”.

Mr. Zhu Guohua, DeputyPresident of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co., Ltd., said, “ Since Chery Jaguar Land Rover set up two years ago, the world-class manufacturing facilities and production technology, globally unified standards and management team have been all developed. As the first model for Chery Jaguar Land Rover, the China built Range Rover Evoque revealed on ShanghaiAutoshowwill indicate our Insistence on global excellence quality and pure British tradition. We devote to the sustainable development in China and we are confident in our ability to offer Chinese consumers classic British charisma and world-class products, complimented by the high-end brand experience they desire.”

80 Years of Innovation and Achievement

From the moment it was founded, Jaguar has devoted itself to “offering consumers a feeling of joy that they have never experienced before and making unbeatable products”. Jaguar looks to challenge the norm through each ‘Alive’ design and strives to ensure that each model embodies a unique combination of performance and beauty. The vision to pursue perfection has set the standard for every Jaguar over the last 80 years. The Jaguar XJL and XF 80th Anniversary Edition launch as part of the 80th anniversary celebrations and are undeniably true Jaguar masterpieces. The customised, premium treatment, comprehensive upgraded configuration and even wider range of colour schemes reflect the “unique” Jaguar product experience and the brand spirit of “Never Stop Achieving”.

Following the global debut in New York Autoshow, the all-new Jaguar XF is on display for the first time at the Shanghai Auto Show. It is the second Jaguar to feature the advanced intelligent all-aluminium architecture. Thanks to a body structure consisting of 75% aluminium, the all-new XF is 190kg lighter than its predecessor, making this car lightweight like never before. The streamline exterior design further improves the XF’s aerodynamic performance, with a resistance coefficient (Cd) of just 0.26. The double-wishbone and integral link suspension inspired by sports cars allow a 50:50 weight distribution and therefore an ideal balance between driving control and the integration of agility, comfort and luxury. In addition, the all-new XF also features an adjustable dynamic mode that enables drivers to personally configure the shock absorber, steering wheel, engine and eight-speed transmission, offering the ultimate experience in terms of control, while the InControl Touch Pro and 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster take drivers’ connectivity experience to a new level.

The Jaguar F-TYPE represents everything a Jaguar sports car should be: breath-taking beauty, top performance and ultimate control. The introduction of the intelligent real-time AWD system further enhances the 16MY F-TYPE’s dynamic performance and it’s superior control, capability and ultimate performance regardless of climate or road conditions make this model the star of the show. If that wasn’t enough, the intelligent real-time AWD system and electric power steering system come as standard for the entire 16MY F-TYPE series, with Jaguar’s all-aluminium body structure incorporated into all 8 models in the series instead of only 6. The 16MY F-TYPE is available in three engine configurations: the 340HPand 380HP V6 supercharged engine or 550HPV8 supercharged engine in conjunction with the 8-speed Quickshift automatic transmission. The F-TYPES Convertible and F-TYPE Coupéare alsocompatible with RWD or intelligent real-time AWD, while the intelligent real-time AWD is a standard feature for R version. The F-TYPE R AWD’s peak torque output is 680 Nm, achieving zero to 96km/h in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 300km/h.

Jaguar XE, Jaguar’s first four-door sports sedan inspired by F-TYPE, is proudly on display at the exhibition in its entiresplendour. The model sets a new benchmark in the mid-sized luxury sports sedan market segment by virtue of its design concept drawing inspiration from sport cars, as well as the inclusion of a number of advanced technologies never before seen in the same class. As the first model of its class to be equipped with intelligent aluminium architecture, the all-new XE boasts not only a solid lightweight body but also excellent aerodynamic performance. Furthermore, the all-new XF features RWD mode, double-wishbone suspension and the integral link suspension also featured on the F-TYPE, enabling an accurate, controlled, superior dynamic performance. The XE model will be available for Chinese consumers in two variants, the XE R-Sport and XE S. They are powered respectively by a 2.0Lturbo-charged engine (200HP/240HP) and a 3.0LV6 supercharged engine (340HP).The XE is currently available to order across China and today the Jaguar Land Rover China Official Flagship Store on Tmall officially launches its ‘The Game Changer Wanted’ campaign.

45 Years of the Land Rover Range Rover: Journeying with You with Passion and Pride

This year marks 45 years of Land Rover’s Range Rover. As a leader of the luxury SUV market, the Range Rover reaffirms its unshakable status in auto history thanks to an elegant exterior, exquisite interior, ultimate in-car experience and outstanding performance regardless of climate or road conditions. Throughout its 45-year-long history, Range Rover has continued to conquer new peaks and to redefine the luxury SUV time and time again. It has developedalongside consumers, satisfying their desires for passion and glory and continuing to push the boundaries. In light of this, Land Rover proudly presents the 6,000,000th vehicle off the production line in the Solihull plant in the UK. The white Range Rover Vogue SELong Wheel Baseon display is a reminder to Chinese consumers of Land Rover’s expertise in perfectly combining apremium experience with outstanding performance. The puddle lamp on the exterior have been specially customised to reflect “the 6,000,000th”,adding even more of a sense of occasion to this great event. Mr. Mark Hall, Executive Vice President of Land Rover China, said “this Range Rover coming to China is a sign of this model’s immense popularity among our valued Chinese consumers.”

The high-performance Range Rover Sport SVR, the fastest and most powerful Land Rover ever, also makes its first China debut.As a product of extensive research and development carried out by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Operations division and based on the all-new Range Rover Sport, it is Jaguar Land Rover’s first ever high-performance SVR model. With the addition of a lightweight solid all-aluminiummonocoquebody structureto the interior, it maintains the Range Rover family’s classic elegant exterior, luxury interior and excellent off-road performance. The Range Rover Sport SVR comes equipped with Jaguar’s advanced 5.0L V8supercharged engine, boasting a maximum power output of 550HP and a peak torque output of 680Nm. Taking just 4.7 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100km/h and with a top speed of 260km/h, the advanced ZF 8HP70 8-speed automatic transmission and optimised four-wheel chassis add even more dimensions to this model and ensures a superior performance in all conditions.

The China builtRange Rover Evoque is the first Land Rover model to be manufactured outside the UK. Adhering to strict, globally unified manufacturing and craftsmanship standards, the brand is embarking on a new journey of excellence and welcoming a new era of Land Rover in China. Based on a luxury configuration specially designed for the China market, the China builtRange Rover Evoque is available in four versions with various configurations – S, SE, HSE, HSE luxury – offering richer choices to Chinese consumers. This model boasts a unique and outstanding design, a stylish modern interior and innovative technologies. The approach angle, departure angle, ramp angle and wading depth,which are superior to other vehicles of the same class, and the Terrain Response® system at the heart of the family and Active Driveline system maximize the Evoque’s off-road performance. Since the launch ofthe Range Rover Evoque in 2011, it has proved extremely popular among domestic and foreign media as well as consumers, winning 165 prizes in 28 countries. Its total global sales volume has also surpassed 390,000 units, passing a legendary torch to the China built Range Rover Evoque. High sales volume across the Chery Jaguar Land Rover dealer network in China this March indicate that the China built Range Rover Evoque has already received extensive market recognition a warm welcome from Chinese consumers who have responded well to the vehicle’s accurate market positioning and new target consumer groups.

The most versatile luxury mid-sized SUV, the Discovery Sport, also makes its presence known. The first SUV in its class to adopt the 5+2 optional seating configuration, the Discovery Sport satisfies consumer demand for cleverly designed space. The Discovery Sport comes equipped with an efficient 2.0Lfour-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and the impressive lightweight monocoque body structureenables an outstanding powerful performance and high torsional rigidity. The approach angle, departure angle, and ramp angle stand at 25 degrees, 31 degrees, and 21 degrees respectively, which, combined with the Terrain Response® system and wading depth of 600mm, give this model class-leading all-terrain capability. The China debut of the Discovery Sport inlast September of last year resonated with consumers on an emotional level and lit the way for the Discovery family to embark on a new journey.This March the Discovery Sport officially went on sale, attracting much attention from the media and consumers alike.

Jaguar Land Rover: Committed to Sustainable Development in China

Jaguar Land Rover, the iconic British auto manufacturer comprised of luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover, is fully committed to long-term development in China and to contributing to the development of the Chinese auto industry. Since entering the Chinese market in 2010, Jaguar Land Rover has been improving its extensive customer service system and network of authorised dealers. Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover currently co-authorized 190 dealers.What’s more,Jaguar Land Rover China’s marketing network consists of 3 Land Rover experience centres and aims to deliver consumers the best brand experience possible.The company has set up 6 Excellence Training Centres to accelerate talent cultivation within the Chinese auto industry. Jaguar Land Rover China recently launchedan official Flagship Store on Tmall, with a view to pioneering domestic e-commerce forpremium auto brands. As of 20thApril, the Jaguar XE and China builtRange Rover Evoquewill be available to order via the Flagship Store and the launch of this platform will enable Jaguar Land Rover to establish an increasingly comprehensive presence in terms of its marketing and service network.

Looking to the future, Jaguar Land Rover will reinforce its collaboration with local partners, deepen its commitment to the China market and continue to provide Chinese consumers with high-quality products and services based on a consistent pursuit of innovation and the latest technologies. Jaguar Land Rover spends as much as RMB 35 billion to 40 billionon research and development each year, more than any other British auto manufacturer. Moreover, the company plans to launch 50 product updatesby 2019 to satisfy increasingly diverse consumer demand. With the construction and operation of the world-class ChangshuPlant, Chinese consumers can expect more Chinabuiltvehicle launches over the next few years.

Jaguar Land Rover seescorporate social responsibility as an integral part of its development strategy. Since May 2014, through the establishment of the “Jaguar Land Rover China Children and Youth Dream Fund” in partnership with the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, the company has launched multiple sports, traffic security, talent cultivation and social care programmes that have all been met to acclaim. During the Auto Show, Jaguar Land Rover will launch its newestCSR programme “1001 Dreams”. The initiative will involve setting up a platform for extensive public participation and will call upon employees, owners, media and society as a whole to get involved in helping children at the two Jaguar Land Rover Hope Schools in Ya’an, Sichuan, and Zhaotong, Yunnan, to realise their dreams. Not only has Jaguar Land Rover donated funds to help rebuild these two schools in the wake of earthquakes but has also made consistent efforts to protect and nurture children’s dreams. During the exhibition, the “1001 Dreams” web page www.jlr1001dreams.comwill officially go live and will encourage visitors to participate by sharing children’s dreams in the hope that children in these two areas will benefit from enhanced social care and ultimately higher hopes for the future.

Chery Jaguar Land Rover Join Hands for Excellence and for a Better Future

As a new Sino-British joint venture automobile enterprise, Chery Jaguar Land Rover has established itself as a pioneer of excellence in China’s high end auto market.With the creation of a coveted brand experience as its mission, Chery Jaguar Land Rover has established an enhanced management system, leading production and R&D facilities, a first-class management team, an all-round multi-functional quality control system and industry leading system and flow in a bid to ensure the first-class quality of its products.

Meanwhile the China built Range Rover Evoquemanufactured in the Chery Jaguar Land Rover ChangshuPlant, the most advanced and efficient vehicle production facility in the world,is class-leading from its design to its impressive capability and unrivalledquality. The factory is installed with the world’s most advanced and sophisticated engineering facilities, fully integrated lean production and flexible manufacturing capabilityand adheres to JaguarLand Rover’s globally unified manufacturing and technology standards. It follows strict quality control procedures to ensure that the quality of each product goes beyond Chinese consumers’ expectations.

According to the company’s commitment to sustainable development and Customer First philosophy, the Integrated Marketing Sales and Serviceorganisation (IMSS) jointly operated and managed by Chery Jaguar Land Rover and Jaguar Land Rover China is running smoothly and efficiently. With a view to offering more Chinese consumers a wider range of high-quality products and efficient premium services,CheryJaguar Land Rover continues to develop a comprehensive and mature dealer network, whilst ensuringthat all expansion is in line with Jaguar Land Rover’s globally unified standards. Its marketing network currently consists of 190operational dealers.

Chery Jaguar Land Rover will continue to strive for dynamic excellence and to deliver world-class products and services. The brand will be a responsible market leader, taking the high-end auto market by storm whilst fulfilling its commitment to sustainable market development. In the future, Chery Jaguar Land Rover will give full play to the advantages of its complete system, introducing the latest technology and completing the construction of a world-class aluminium body workshop by the end of the year in order toefficiently manufacture lighter, more dynamic and more energy-efficient cars. By 2016, the Chery Jaguar Land Rover ChangshuPlant will manufacture a total of three Jaguar and Land Rover models and toencourage steady and healthy business development, will increase its employee headcount to 4,000 by the end of the year.