‘Unlock Your Adventure’ -Local Land Rover Discovery Sport Hit the Market Upholding World-Class Quality, CJLR Enters the Mainstream Market of Premium SUV Segment
国产路虎发现神行售价36.8万起(从左至右:联合市场销售与服务机构常务副总裁胡俊先生、联合市场销售与服务机构总裁毕少朴先生、奇瑞捷豹路虎董事长陈安宁先生、李晨、捷豹路虎中国大中华区首席财务官Richard Shore、奇瑞捷豹路虎总裁百润先生及奇瑞捷豹路虎常务副总裁朱国华先生)
从左至右:IMSS常务副总裁胡俊先生及总裁毕少朴先生、CJLR董事长陈安宁先生、李晨、捷豹路虎中国大中华区首席财务官Richard Shore、CJLR总裁百润先生及常务副总裁朱国华先生
神秘嘉宾李晨出席“越无限 去发现”全能全地形豪华SUV路虎发现神行上市会


·Recommended retail price starting from 368,000 RMB, the Land Rover Discovery Sport has made its launch in four models: S, SE, HSE and HSE LUXURY. This marks the formal entry of CJLR into the mainstream premium SUV segment

·The most versatile all-terrain premium SUV, the Land Rover Discovery Sport brings an unprecedented experience for Chinese consumers as it takes the lead by adopting its 5+2 seating and all-terrain response system to be proud of

·With two models introduced within one year, CJLR has demonstrated its excellent operational capabilities and strong determination to deliver world-class products and services

·Striving to be the premium auto manufacturer inspiring excellence in China market, CJLR will continue to fully play its system-based advantages to realise long-term, stable and healthy development


(SHANGHAI, 29 October, 2015) ‘Unlock Your Adventure’, the launch event for the Land Rover Discovery Sport was held on 29 October at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai). As the second model of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co., Ltd. (“CJLR” for short), the most versatile all-terrain premium SUV was launched.

Available as four differently configured models, the Land Rover Discovery Sport offers alternative choices to suit diversified customer needs in China market. Ranging from S, SE, HSE and HSE LUXURY, with their recommended retail prices being 368,000 RMB, 408,000 RMB, 468,000 RMB, 518,000 RMB respectively, the new models will be available for sale from 28 November. The vehicle’s launch signifies CJLR’s official entering the mainstream premium SUV segment, and Chinese consumers will enjoy the aspirational brand experience.

‘As a new member of the Discovery family, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is known for its pure British lineage and spirit of adventure. Thanks to our advanced cross functional quality management system, the Discovery Sport is a perfect interpretation of our comprehensive capability,’ said Mr Chris Bryant, president of CJLR.



Land Rover Discovery Sport


Recommended Retail Price


368,000 RMB


408,000 RMB


468,000 RMB


518,000 RMB


Take the lead in the Market Segment by its Most Versatile All-Terrain Advantage

The Discovery Sport has once again demonstrated the brand’s unparalleled all-terrain capability, a competitive edge that Land Rover has been committed to and proud of throughout its sixty seven year history.

Mr Mark Bishop, President of IMSS said, “Discovery Sport is a car that is ready to tackle any adventure. The characteristics that make it so versatile off road also make it such an agile and accomplished vehicle on road. The vehicle’s composure not only allows it to tackle the most challenging driving conditions with ease but results in smooth and comfortable on road driving.”

With its renowned all-terrain response system, the Discovery Sport can seamlessly switch its driving mode to suit whatever the surface and conditions. Excellent ground clearance, approach, departure and ramp angles and a wading depth of up to 600 mm, means a mid-sized premium SUV that is simply unrivalled in capability.

All this is not to mention the class-leading road capabilities of the Discovery Sport. Its 2.0T engine and 9-Speed Automatic Transmission contribute to its maximum power of 177kW/5500rpm and peak torque of 340Nm/1750rpm. A higher start-up speed and lower fuel consumption are all thanks to the Active Driveline, and this allows for an excellent driving experience on city roads.


Focusing on the Chinese Market, Bringing a Start to Diversified Lifestyles

The Chinese automobile market is becoming increasingly mature. For Chinese consumers, cars are no longer taken as a mere transportation tool, but more as a symbol of social status or satisfaction of emotional appeal. People in the market forpremium SUVs are looking for a balance in their lives. They love diversified lifestyles, and they hope to gain a comprehensive and multifunctional driving experience. With a profound insight into the Chinese market, CJLR keeps providing consumers here with world-class products based on their needs.

The Discovery Sport represents and conveys the confident and brave, fearless spirit of adventure. Its extraordinary multifunction shows what a beautifully colourful lifestyle can be. To provide customers with a more spacious feeling, the vehicle takes the lead in adopting 5+2 seating, with 16 different possible combinations, and the volume inside the boot can fit up to 1,698 litres, which is the largest in its class to satisfy the needs for riding and storage. The extra-large panoramic sunroof provides passengers with an excellent field of vision, allowing for a fantastic view. Britain’s top Meridian surround sound system, best-in-class 8-inch high-resolution touch screen of the console, and five different selections of multi-coloured configurable interior mood lighting all add up to a more comfortable and high-end atmosphere, providing a high-quality relationship between customers and their cars.

‘For adventurous consumers, the Discovery Sport is the most versatile premium SUV. It enables the owner and his/her family to enjoy a relaxed, pleasant and flexible lifestyle, allowing them to feel an unmatched experience in life and value in every detail.’ said Mr James Hu, deputy president of IMSS.


Give Variety to the Product Matrix, Showing Excellent Strength

As the country’s first Sino-British premium automotive joint venture enterprise, CJLR leads the industry by upholding the concept of ‘shared value’ and delivering excellence through high efficiency.

Mr Zhu Guohua, deputy president of CJLR, said, ‘Within less than three years, CJLR has grown from a project team to an excellent talent team with over 3,000 staff, having Cultural Respect and One Team as our enterprise culture. Today, we already have first-class R&D capabilities and a unique cross functional quality management system.’

Supported by systematic strength, CJLR has enriched its product line by introducing two new models: the Range Rover Evoque and the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Focusing on the Chinese market, CJLR is committed to be the premium auto manufacturer inspiring excellence in China market. The company will fulfil its unwavering commitment of delivering aspirational brand experience, making Chinese consumers benefit from excellent product and service beyond their wildest expectations.