Quality Defines Excellence, Intelligence Leads the Future Grand Opening of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Changshu Plant Phase II, Rolling-off of Jaguar E- PACE, the First Phase II Model

·Changshu Plant Phase II officially put into operation, with a total capacity expanded to 200,000 units, marking the intelligent manufacturing re-upgrade of the Global Flagship Plant

·Globally synchronous production of all new Jaguar E-PACE, the first product of Phase II, fulfilling the company’s commitment of “five new models in three years”

·Practice corporate responsibility, Changshu Plant sets an example of green factory for the global manufacturing industry

·Chery Jaguar Land Rover leads the evolution of product form and production model, helping the upgrade of China’s high-end auto manufacturing industry

(June 27, 2018, Changshu) Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chery Jaguar Land Rover”) Changshu Plant Phase II has its grand opening, and Jaguar E-PACE, the first new model of Phase II, also has its roll-off today. As an important part of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Global Flagship Plant, Changshu Plant Phase II embodies the highly intelligent and forward-looking technology, making further breakthrough and innovation on humanistic environmental protection concept. With the commitment of “five new models in three years” being fulfilled, Chery Jaguar Land Rover sets sail on a new journey with its British design and superb British style, constant innovation and extraordinary experience.

Changshu Global Flagship Plant has a complete luxury auto manufacturing system, with the 70,000 units increased annual capacity of Phase II, the total annual output reaches 200,000 units, achieving  intelligent manufacturing re-upgrade. Phase II has anoverall floor area of 98,122sqm, adds a global advanced servo line, newly builds T&F shop II, and completes the expansion of manufacturing facilities, such as the existing body shop, with its automation rate up to 100%. Meanwhile, utmost forward-looking design makes Changshu Phase intelligent, flexible, customized and agile, with reasonable plan capacity layout. Phase II also established a collaborative management system that runs through the whole product lifecycle, defining premium auto intelligent manufacturing by visualized design, digitized manufacturing and remote service.

“Chery Jaguar Land Rover has fulfilled all of its commitment in Phase I and steps into a new era of development,” said Mr Murray Dietsch, President of Chery Jaguar Land Rover. “The opening of the Changshu Plant Phase II not only marks the upgrade of a highly intelligent Global Flagship Factory, but also the beginning of further in-depth cooperation between the two sides of the joint venture. With sufficient capacity, sophisticated intelligent system, Changshu Plant Phase II will help Chery Jaguar Land Rover to present a richer product matrix, continuously enhance the intelligent manufacturing capabilities of the company, contribute to the upgrade of China’s high-end auto manufacturing industry and establish an extraordinary example of China’s auto market.”

Building a Global Flagship Plant, Forward-looking Technology Sets the Example of Intelligent Manufacturing

Chery Jaguar Land Rover is committed to building a new intelligent ecological system which integrates the company development with new information technology, energy and environmental protection, achieving intelligent integration of R&D, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and customer service, and intelligent interconnection and data sharing among people, vehicle and energy monitoring equipment.

By taking the lead in the application of the industrial Internet, Chery Jaguar Land Rover builds an industrial big data platform covering the entire product lifecycle and full manufacturing activities. While building an intelligent infrastructure of key and integrated information, it also maintains product traceability by highly efficient manufacturing resource allocation and overall industrial data perception. Chery Jaguar Land Rover conducts flexible production based on modular design, capable of handling 300,000 types of personalized configurations to efficiently and accurately satisfy the customized and high-end requirements of Jaguar and Land Rover consumers.

Changshu Plant Phase II widely applies IoT system. Advanced UHF radio frequency identification system (RFID) and read-write equipment are implemented in processes including welding, painting, T&F, Engine Plant and logistics to realize control and tracking of the entire production process. Chery Jaguar Land Rover introduces digital process planning and simulation system, optimizing manufacturing process through system modelling and simulation analysis. Assembly-assisting MR equipment is implemented in T&F shop II to improve assembly efficiency and quality.

As an important part of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics has laid a solid foundation for production efficiency and quality of Changshu Plant. Intelligent warehousing processes including materials identification, logistics information collection, real-time cargo monitoring, as well as intelligent distribution processes including intelligent material sorting system, distribution path planning, distribution status tracking are all featured with accuracy and efficiency, lean management and control. We use vehicle-mounted and handheld terminals in the logistics area of T&F shop II to facilitate material pulling; and apply Pick to Voice system to guarantee the accuracy rate of material outbound and has increased picking efficiency by 20%.

Changshu Plant Phase II establishes a collaborative quality management and tracking mechanism that covers the full product life cycle; and builds a quality management closed-loop system including early planning, process supervision and after-sales feedback to solve and prevent potential quality problems, to accurately track the manufacturing process of each vehicle, and to realize the continuous tracking and analysis of after-sale data.

Fulfil Company Responsibility, Devote to the Sustainable Development of People and Environment

Chery Jaguar Land Rover thoroughly implements people-oriented production concept and is committed to safety and well-being. It actively promotes health and safety practices among staff and the region where the company based. Changshu Plant Phase II largely applies human-machine engineering equipment, creating favourable working conditions to ensure staff health, providing thoughtful protection and care. Lifting platforms have been added at the rear part of the production line in Press line III to ensure the inspection staff to maintain the correct operating posture. In T&F shop II, over 80% of the lifting equipment can be lifted, auxiliary tools like sliding plates, synchronous plate chain and booster devices are used to help staff reduce physical strength consumption in production process and to help them fulfil production assignments easily.

With the responsibility and mission of a high-end auto manufacture and ensuring sustainable development of nature and society, Chery Jaguar Land Rover sets an example of green factory for global manufacturing industry by more rational production process design, more advanced environment-friendly production, more efficient water recycling and photovoltaic rooftop power generation. There are temperature monitoring points and energy meters in the factory to conduct real-time intelligent monitoring on environment and resource energy consumption. The energy intelligent management system in T&F shop II can automatically perceive and control the temperature. The paint shop has realized zero discharge of nitrogen and phosphorus industrial wastewater and is able to maximize the recycle of reclaimed water.

Globally Synchronous Production, Jaguar E-PACE, the First Model of Phase II is Rolling off

Relying on the quality and intelligent manufacturing strength of the Global Flagship Plant, Chery Jaguar Land Rover launches globally synchronous production of the new Jaguar E-PACE, premium coupé-style SUV, showcasing complete and mature R&D, manufacturing and talent system. With the glorious rolling-off of new Jaguar E-PACE in the Global Flagship Plant, Chery Jaguar Land Rover has set sail on a new process of brand localization to further cater to the rapid growing luxury auto market.

To inject leapfrog quality to the all-new Jaguar E-PACE in each manufacturing step, we use the master sample to perform quality consistency tracking at each pre-production phase. After mass production, the vehicles will undergo three-dimensional and 360-degree precision inspection and make comparison with master sample for continuous improvement and as the standard reference for future production.

Further Tap into Chinese market, Create a Pure British Experience

As an example of Sino-British cooperation, Chery Jaguar Land Rover combines the British automotive pedigree with the Chinese local market experience. Always maintaining a high degree of Chinese auto market agility, it will continue to introduce the latest, most advanced technology and products of Jaguar Land Rover, to exceed the expectations of consumers with excellent quality, and to contribute to fully move towards an intelligent and environmental-friendly lifestyle.

Guided by the core concept of “shared value”, Chery Jaguar Land Rover, while achieving sustainable development, is also committed to driving the industry chain, especially the upgrade of China’s high-end auto manufacturing industry, and actively promoting economic and social development of Yangtze River delta area. The opening of CJLR Changshu Plant Phase I in 2014 marked the UK originated high-end auto manufacturing technology made its first landing in China. While the Phase II officially being put into operation today, it will further upgrade quality intelligent manufacturing strength of the Global Flagship Plant, setting an extraordinary example of China’s auto industry, practicing and implementing the development and landing of “MADE IN CHINA 2025”.

Mr. Chris Chen, Deputy President of Chery Jaguar Land Rover says, “In light of the increased consumer demands for information and intelligent, personalized products, Chery Jaguar Land Rover has made a forward-looking investment increase plan to meet the requirement of China’s high-end auto market of evolving with the times. In the future, by outstanding British design, Chery Jaguar will bring more products with pure British ancestry to consumers. We will also speed up the in-depth application of intelligent manufacturing support technologies such as 3D printing, virtual and AR, IoT, big data, cloud computing, robot and its application systems to fulfil the commitment of delivering global quality products and services to the Chinese market and lead the high-end auto market in China.”