Launch of the Youngest Member of Jaguar PACE Family All-New Jaguar E-PACE Hit the Market with the New British Musical “I AM E-PACE”

·The All-NewJaguarE-PACE, the youngest member of Jaguar’s PACE family, was officially launched on August 29. As the model ambassador, the popular actor Ethan Juanwas in attendance.

·All-New Jaguar E-PACE is launched with 6 trim levels and MSRPs range from RMB 288,800 to 395,800.

·Working with T-mall,Jaguar has launched the #August29JaguarTmallSuperBrandDay#. The first online buyers will be entitled to several exclusive packages.

·Encompassing stylish design, dynamic performance and superior practicality, the All-New Jaguar E-PACE heralds a new era for Jaguar’s British pedigree.

·Chery Jaguar Land Rover opens up the new premium coupé-style SUV segment, and with the All-NewJaguar E-PACE, Jaguar has honored its commitment to present five new models in three years.

 Qingdao, China, 29 August 2018– The All-New Jaguar E-PACE was launched at Qingdao World Expo City on August 29 while the new British musical “I Am E-PACE” amazed all. The All-New Jaguar E-PACE is the youngest member of Jaguar PACE family. The model ambassador, the popular actor Ethan Juan, attended the grand gathering and appeared on stage as part of the “Art of Performance” feast.

The All-New Jaguar E-PACE is the first model withglobal synchronised production by Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co.,Ltd (CJLR). It embodiesJaguar’s design aesthetics andracingDNA with modern design that inheritsJaguar’s British style and traditions. E-PACE is launched with 6 trim levels and MSRPs range from RMB 288,800 to 395,800. In addition, working with T-mall, Jaguar has created the #August29JaguarTmallSuperBrandDay#Campaign to promote the All-New Jaguar E-PACE. The first online buyers will be entitled to several exclusive packages.

E-PACE P200 AWD 288,800
E-PACE S P200 AWD 323,800
E-PACE S P250 AWD 345,800
E-PACE SE P250AWD 376,800
E-PACE HSE P250 AWD 395,800

“The All-New Jaguar E-PACE underlines that the Jaguar PACE family isa product pipe line of the new British premium coupé-style SUV – a sedan, sports car and SUV rolled into one. E-PACE brings together sedan-like comfort and refinement, sports car-like dynamics and SUV-like roominess and functionality,” said CJLR President, Murray Dietsch. “It is tailor-made for the new generation of vibrant Jaguar customers who look to stand out and lead an independent, enjoyable life.”

Britishness and trendiness, quenching younger customers’ desires

The All-New E-PACE takes a range of design cues from the track and the F-TYPE sports car; with the coupé-style sloping back and bodylines, it is a true trend setter. The cabin adopts a sports car-like design with utmost modernity. Unique circuit lines atop the dashboard create avant-garde refinement.

The All-New E-PACE comes equipped with a raft of advanced technologies designed to improve performance so that the expectations for refinement and dynamics of the next-generation of Jaguar customers can be better understood and satisfied. The Jaguar Configurable Dynamics, a “Steering Butler”, in conjunction with the Adaptive Dynamics, allows you to personalise throttle mapping, gearbox shift points, steering settings and suspension to suit your driving needs. As many as 16 driving modes are available. In addition to itsathletic chassis and intelligent All Wheel Drive system, the new model pairs a Ingenium 2.0-litreturbocharged engine with a nine-speed AT, redefining the concept of personalised driving pleasure with premium coupé style SUV-like drivability.

The delicately engineered All-New E-PACE is imbued with British ingenuity, delivering refined, convenient user experience and class-leading storage roominess. Luggage space can be increased to 1,141L when the rear seats are folded flat, enough for at least six 20-inch (50-centimeter) suitcases. The storage capacity of the center armrest box and glove box is 8.5L and 10L respectively.

Excellent quality tested in the most extreme and trying conditions

In order to deliver excellent performance and reliable quality of this cub, more than 150 E-PACE prototypes were driven for more than 25 months in tests across four continents. A test team of more than 500 world-class engineers and dynamics specialists meticulously tuned and developed the car. They braved the -40°C temperature of the Arctic Circle and 48°C in the deserts of the Middle East, while also conquering the demanding Nürburgring circuit in Germany and steep mountains of China, allowing the All-New E-PACE to prove itself in the world’s most challenging environments, thus demonstrating the model’s extraordinary performance and sports DNA.

CJLR uses industry leading master sample and gets the most out of big data to perform quality consistency tracking at each pre-production phase, ensuring superlative quality of All-New Jaguar E-PACE in each phase of manufacturing.

Promote Customer First Philosophy, Further Deepen Dual-Brand Strategy

CJLR is the first Sino-British premium automotive joint venture in China and focuses on listening attentively to customers, with a sharp eye on the Chinese market. The company integrates its global system capabilities with localiseddemands,continuing to innovateand providing Chinese consumers with a pure British experience that keeps abreast of the times. The All-New Jaguar E-PACE is the first model to roll off the production line of theChangshu Plant Phase II, the Global Flagship Plant, with an intelligent manufacturing upgrade.

CJLR’s deputy president, Chris Chen said: “The All-New Jaguar E-PACE is the latest model to convey thephilosophyof Customer First, and thus helps the company honor its commitment to producing five new models in three years. CJLR will continue its momentum of product launch in the next few years, delivering premium British experience with the latest and most advanced technologies and products.”