Pursue Excellence and Lead Innovation in China Redefined New British Sports Sedan, Chery Jaguar Land Rover Takes New Jaguar XEL to Chengdu Motor Show 2019
奇瑞捷豹路虎总裁 戴慕瑞(Murray Dietsch),奇瑞捷豹路虎常务副总裁 陈雪峰

·The New Jaguar XEL broadens the premium sports sedan segment with its enhanced exterior, updated luxurious interior and intuitive new technology;

·Adhering to the rigorous auto manufacturing concept of Jaguar Land Rover and its world-class standard, Chery Jaguar Land Rover built the New Jaguar XEL with extraordinary elegance and modern Britishness sports sedan quality;

·With system strength guarantees world-class quality, Chery Jaguar Land Rover pioneers upgrade of China premium auto market.

Sept 5, 2019, Chengdu– The New Jaguar XEL, known as the modern Britishness sports sedan of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chery Jaguar Land Rover”), makes a stunning entry in the 22nd Chengdu Motor Show, with an all-star line-up, including the All New Range Rover Evoque, Discovery Sport, Jaguar XFL and Jaguar E-PACE. The New Jaguar XEL will bring superior quality and racing experience derived from Jaguar’s track experience.

Mr. Murray Dietsch, President of Chery Jaguar Land Rover said: “Being the youngest member of the modern British premium sports sedan family, the New Jaguar XEL strives to explore new territory in its market segment, delivering Jaguar’s peerless sporty features to young Chinese customers with its enhanced exterior, updated luxurious interior and intuitive new technology.

Fully Upgraded to Broaden the New Boundaries of Market Segment

Tailored exclusively to the young Chinese customers, the fully upgraded New Jaguar XEL redefines the modern Britishness sports sedan and caters to the lifestyle of modern urban young customers, who are fun-seeking and established, with its enhanced exterior, updated luxurious interior and intuitive new technology.

The new model has achieved comprehensive evolution in three aspects, including enhancement interior, fully innovated materials and all-round technology upgrade. It delivers unparalleled stylish design aesthetics, sporty driving sensation, intelligent human-machine interface and exquisite manufacturing philosophy.

The New Jaguar XEL caters to trendy fashion seekers with its evolved exterior, fully updated interior and class-leading design aesthetics. As for interior, the new all-LED headlights feature a fresh, distinctive ‘J’ Blade daytime running light (DRL) to create a sharper and more dynamic visual. As for exterior, the new sports-style seat adopts nano-level laser perforation and colour contrast double stitching, creating unique sophistication. Together with the SportShift which originated from Jaguar’s iconic F-TYPE, these features create a passion-filled driving experience for young customers.

In order to thrill young urban sports enthusiasts with a sensational driving experience, the New Jaguar XEL embraces Jaguar’s signature aluminium body, applying up to 75% lightweight aerospace-grade aluminium alloy to reach a 50:50 front- rear weight distribution, ensuring the “Jaguar” level of dynamism. The aluminium double wishbone front suspension and aerodynamic chassis armour that originated from the iconic Jaguar F-TYPE offers the comfort of a sedan and the agility of a sports car, guaranteeing precise handling and brisk responsiveness. The Ingenium 2.0T engine, ranked among the 2018 Ward’s 10 Best Engines, is ready to pump out Jaguar pure dynamic driving and handling originated from racing track.

Tech savvy young customers will enjoy the intelligent experience of human-machine interface offered by New Jaguar XEL. It uses a five-screen system to create an innovative human-machine interaction that acts like an intelligent and fully-controlled sensory nerve, allowing the New Jaguar XEL to give the consumer exactly what they want. The segment-first ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror expands the rearward angle of vision to 50 degrees, offering improved rear visibility and enhancing safety during multi-lane driving. And lastly, the HUD 2.0 helps the driver to focus on the road ahead by offering a bigger, higher resolution screen that is able to display the important information such as satellite navigation, current speed and caller identification.

Rigorous manufacturing philosophy shapes the form and texture of the New Jaguar XEL

Adhering to Jaguar Land Rover’s rigorous manufacturing philosophy of global standards, Chery Jaguar Land Rover built New Jaguar XEL with meticulous process, sophistication, updated materials to deliver extraordinary elegance and modern Britishness sports sedan quality.

As a pioneer in Chinese aluminium body technology, Chery Jaguar Land Rover applies world-leading aluminium body technology, such as self-piercing rivets, to forge the light yet strong intelligent aluminium body architecture. The New Jaguar XEL features 71% aerospace-grade 6-series aluminium for greater strength and superior corrosion and oxidation resistance, all while achieving lighter weight. The chassis reinforcements made of patented RUS material bring superior vehicle strength and tranquillity with up to 80% chassis coverage–half of the weight of ordinary chassis reinforcement but double the impact strength, and 50% better sound insulation. Premium materials such as calfskin, high-tech Morzine interior fabric, imported real wood and bonded carbon fibres are used for interior materials to offer softer texture and more comfort.

Intelligent Manufacturing Leads Chinese Premium Auto Market Upgrade

Adhering to the company vision of ” To be the leading premium automotive company in China, providing aspirational customer experience”, Chery Jaguar Land Rover is not only the leading automotive manufacturer in China in respect of aluminium body technology, but also ensures excellent quality by intelligent manufacturing by intensive online and offline quality monitoring control during the whole manufacturing process, the life cycle of all products can be traced to bring world-class products and services.

As the global flagship plant of Jaguar Land Rover, Chery Jaguar Land Rover’s Changshu Plant guarantees world-class quality of New Jaguar XEL with its excellent manufacturing system strength and advanced inteligent manufacturing ability. The aluminum body technology is more efficient, energy saving and environmental friendly, fulfilling its commitment to the sosiety on value sharing and environmental protection.

The All New Range Rover Evoque marked a new development stage of the company in 2019. The launch of the New Jaguar XEL is another perfect demonstrating of Chery Jaguar Land Rover ‘s commitment to continuously providing world-class products and services to the Chinese market. Mr. Chris Chen, Vice President of Chery Jaguar Land Rover said: “In the future, upholding the concept of Customer First, Chery Jaguar Land Rover will strive to continuously innovate its products and pioneer consumer market upgrading to deliver pure a British experience that exceeds the expectation of Chinese customers.”