PLAY SERIOUSLY: The New Jaguar XEL Makes Grand Debut and Glamorous Appearance in Secret Cinema: Casino Royale

·The New Jaguar XEL wasofficially launched on November 29 with a starting price of RMB 289,800. The new model will be available in all shops since December 3

·The New Jaguar XEL makes a stunning appearance in immersive theatre Secret Cinema: Casino Royale, showcasing the new British charm

·The New XEL is positioned as new British sports sedan, catering to the modern urban youth with a lifestyle of PLAY SERIOUSLY

·The New Jaguar XEL owes its extraordinary strength to “Intelligent Manufacturing” of Chery Jaguar Land Rover. In the future, Chery Jaguar Land Rover will continue to promote positive R&D capability and technical advancement to deliver British experience

(November 29, 2019, Shanghai) The New Jaguar XEL has a themed launching ceremony of “PLAY SERIOUSLY” on Nov 29 in shanghai, accompanied by “special agents” in swag suits and ties. The launching ceremony was followed by a large scale immersive British theatre Secret Cinema: Casino Royale, where the New Jaguar XEL made a high-profile appearance, showcasing modern British charisma. The New Jaguar XEL will be available in all shops since December 3, with retail prices starting at RMB 289,800.

The New Jaguar XEL MSRP (RMB)
Ingenium 2.0T 200PS XEL R-DYNAMIC 289,800
Ingenium 2.0T 200PS XEL S 319,800
Ingenium 2.0T 200PS XEL R-DYNAMIC S 319,800
Ingenium 2.0T 250PS XEL SE 347,600
Ingenium 2.0T 250PS XEL R-DYNAMIC HSE 380,600

Fully Updated the New British Sports Sedan

Henry Zhu, Deputy President of IMSS said: “Under the guiding principle of enhanced exterior, updated luxurious interior and intuitive new technology, the New Jaguar XEL has realized comprehensive upgrade in interior, materials and technology, bringing together unparalleled design aesthetics, sensational driving experiences, intelligent human-machine interface and meticulous manufacturing philosophy.”

Taking “PLAY SERIOUSLY” as its value proposition, the New Jaguar XEL, with its fully updated product strength, is the perfect ride for modern urban youth who pursue freedom and novelty in their lives. This new model will help them define their own lives and fully live up to their potentials.

The New Jaguar XEL offers two exterior designs to satisfy both tastes of elegance and sportiness of modern urban youth: the Core series and the R-Dynamics series. The luxurious Core series provides edgy and premium design details which are exclusive to Chinese market; while R-Dynamics offers sharp front bumper design and new apertures featuring aircraft-inspired “winglet” graphics.

The New Jaguar XEL also features premium sophistication and controlling facilitation. The fully uplifted interior design and the centre console with TOUCH PRO DUO satisfy the needs for luxury and technology. The new sporty seats adopt bi-colour double stitch technique; multifunctional steering wheel deriving from sports car take up a three-spoke design; and touch-sensitive button works with rotary dials enable drivers to take control of cabin functions with both hands staying on the steering wheel.

Technology savvy customers will be intrigued by the New Jaguar XEL’s HMI technology of the peerless five interactive screens system: the 12.3-inch TFT Interactive Driver Display with a new graphical interface can display both information panel and the navigation interface; and segment-first ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror expands the angle of vision to 50 degrees, offering improved rear visibility to enhance safety in multi-lane driving.

Every Jaguar model reminds people of its glorious moments in racing tracks. The New Jaguar XEL is no exception. It delivers exceptional and exquisite sports experience thanks to the lightweight intelligent aluminium body, 50:50 front and rear weight ratio and the aluminium double wishbone front suspension originated from Jaguar F-TYPE. This new model is equipped with a series of track technologies, such as torque vector distribution system, capable of active adjustment of over-turning and automatic correction of understeering, offering steadier and sports car level control when cornering.

Play Seriously to Display Innovative Modern British Charms

To fully interpret the unique value proposition of PLAY SERIOUSLY, the New Jaguar XEL makes a powerful entrance with modern Britishness in the large-scale immersive theatre Secret Cinema: Casino Royale by Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group as its chief strategic partner.

The Secret Cinema with a British origin has gained popularity worldwide. The unprecedented and innovative fusion of film and acting not only displays British art and culture, but also interprets British heritage through innovative immersing experience. Empowered by the superior strength of new British sports sedan, the New Jaguar XEL becomes an iconic symbol of modern New British culture in Chinese market, as well as an advocator of experience. The Secret Cinema is the best way to take in the innovative modern British charisma of the New Jaguar XEL.

Mr. Paul Hu, IMSS Product Marketing & Marketing Executive Deputy President said: “With the unique design and the enterprising spirit of constantly surpassing itself, The New Jaguar XEL has become the iconic symbol of modern British culture and is eager to introduce the trendy experiencing form of Secret Cinema to Chinese customers so that we can play seriously and feel the modern Britishness together in this trilling and immersive experience.”

Intelligent Manufacturing Promotes Exceptional British Experience

The New Jaguar XEL owes its fully upgraded and extraordinary strength to “Intelligent Manufacturing” of Chery Jaguar Land Rover. Adhering to Jaguar Land Rover’s rigorous manufacturing philosophy of global standards, Chery Jaguar Land Rover built the New Jaguar XEL with first-class quality by world leading intelligent manufacturing and meticulous quality control.

The New Jaguar XEL was created by Changshu Plant of Chery Jaguar Land Rover. As the leader of aluminium body technology in China’s automobile manufacturing industry, Chery Jaguar Land Rover owns China’s first aluminium body shop with aviation-grade riveting technology and equipment, as well as 100% riveting automation. In order to ensure the first-class quality of the New Jaguar XEL, Chery Jaguar Land Rover has established collaborative quality management and traceability covering the whole product life cycle, and adopted intensive online and offline quality inspection and control in the whole manufacturing process.

The New Jaguar XEL indicates the company has entered a new stage of development. Chery Jaguar Land Rover has maintained a steady development during the past 7 years since its establishment. The company has built the world’s leading systematic power of manufacturing excellence and the global flagship plant of Jaguar Land Rover; as well as completed the talent system covering the areas of R&D, procurement, manufacturing, quality and marketing. The company has now entered a new stage of high-speed and high-quality development featuring “intelligence +”, and is determined to continuously promote the positive R&D capability and technical advancement. Chery Jaguar Land Rover is committed to the ever-advancing local Chinese market by maintaining a close market insight and continuously offering exceptional products.

Mr. Chris Chen, Deputy President of Chery Jaguar Land Rover said: “When developing new products such as the New Jaguar XEL, Chery Jaguar Land Rover is attentive to the voice of the Chinese market in an effort to meet the needs of Chinese customers and perfectly deliver the unique Britishness of Jaguar and Land Rover brands. In the manufacturing field, Chery Jaguar Land Rover vigorously promotes the development strategy of “intelligence +”, pays attention to technology, quality control and products, and moves forward to a new model in China’s high-end automobile manufacturing field. And we will continue to promote the company’s R&D capability and technical level, accelerate product update iterations, launch more products that meet the needs of Chinese consumers and are full of competitiveness, and continue to drive the British experience.”