A New Guardian from Discovery Family The New Land Rover Discovery Sport Launched with Standard Configuration of PM2.5 Filter and Cabin Air Ionisation Technology

 (February 14, 2020, Shanghai) The Land Rover New Discovery Sport officially hits Chinese market today, with MSRP of 356,800 Yuan to 455,800 Yuan. The New Discovery Sport now launches with five new upgrades, standard configured with the cabin air ionisation technology[1] and offers a segment-first 5+2 seating layout, helping car owners explore new horizons in their lives while protecting their families with remarkable performance. All New Discovery Sport is truly our home to discover the world.

MSRPs of the New Discovery Sport (RMB):

Core Standard: RMB 356,800

R-Dynamic S: RMB 382,800

R-Dynamic SE: RMB 411,800 (five-seat)/RMB 422,800 (seven-seat)

R-Dynamic HSE: RMB 455,800

Since the birth of the first Land Rover Discovery, powerful all-terrain capabilities, outstanding versatility, great functionality and practicality have become the DNA of the Discovery family. Through three decades of transition, the New Discovery Sport now has incorporated more state-of-the-art concepts and technologies while retaining the intrinsic advantages of the Discovery family and the Land Rover Discovery, opening a new chapter for the Discovery family with the never-stop Above and Beyond spirit.

The New Discovery Sport is specially designed for the new middle-class families. Family caring is the main focus in their life and they are inspirational young parents who work hard to support their family for a happy, safe and carefree life. They are enthusiastic about taking their families out on the road to explore the big, unknown world. In addition to equipped with five new upgrades, the New Discovery Sport standard configured with the cabin air ionisation technology and offers a segment-pioneer 5+2 seating layout to provide more convenience for families.

 External Protection and In Car Air Purification

The New Discovery Sport, standard configured with air quality monitoring system, PM2.5 filter, and cabin air ionisation technology, provides a top health quality environment to owners and their families. In poor air quality, the air quality monitoring system (with sensors) will automatically switch to the cabin internal cycling mode to prevent pollutants from entering the car. The PM2.5 filter system can remove over 95% of the atmospheric particulate matter (PM) that have a diameter of larger than or equivalent to 2.5 micrometers which could improve the air quality [2].

In terms of internal purification, the New Discovery Sport standard configured with cabin air ionisation technology which improves in-car air quality by ionizing air to generate negative ions capped with water particles to effectively remove odors and to kill various bacteria. Compared with ions generated by traditional ionizers, the ones coated in water particles stay in the cabin for longer time and works on a larger scale.

 5+2 Seating Layout for Families

In addition to taking care of family health, the New Discovery Sport with flexible 5+2 seat profile provide a spacious, modern interior which ensures that everyone enjoys the refined and luxurious in-car environment. Its seven seats not only help accommodate more passengers, but also provide a more diverse and flexible space solution. The second-row seats deliver a 40:20:40 second row split, while the third-row seats can be folded down independently, allowing passengers to choose freely from two seats to seven seats, catering to more everyday scenarios. With both rear-row seats folded down, the seven-seat car provides neat space with a depth of 1887mm and a volume of 1,451 liters, making the new Discovery Sport the best campsite for outdoor touring, a true “moving home”.

The New Discovery Sport also features the stadium seating with each row being higher than the previous one for a better view for passengers. Its doors open at an angle of nearly 90 degrees, making it extremely convenient for both entry and exit.

 Five Major Upgrades Provide Home to Discover the World

  • Foresight – All New PTA Platform

The New Discovery Sport is manufactured based on Jaguar Land Rover’s new PTA platform, which adapts to the evolving intelligent and electrified vehicle trends. The New Discovery Sport has received significant upgrades to its craftsmanship, intelligence, fuel economy, and NVH performance. Especially in craftsmanship, steel with enhanced strength is widely used. Its A, B, and C pillars, and the crossbeam and longitudinal beam on the chassis are made of ultra high-strength steel, and the longitudinal beams in the front and rear are produced using high-strength steel and advanced high-strength steel. The vehicle’s overall passive safety performance is thus greatly improved, effectively preventing restrain cabin deformation when severe collisions occur.

  • Passion – All New Powertrain Technology

The new Discovery Sport carried the Ingenium 2.0 liter engine and coupled with a 48-Volt MHEV system to deliver segment-leading driving performance. The new Land Rover Discovery Sport offers two power versions: the 2.0 liter 4-cylinder 249HP turbocharged Ingenium engine produces 365Nm of peak torque and the 200HP turbocharged Ingenium engine produces 320Nm of peak torque. At the same time, thanks to the MHEV system, energy could be harvested and stored in the battery when the driver lifts off the accelerator, and the torque from stored energy will assist acceleration during normal driving. It markedly improves the smoothness and responsiveness during the launch process while reducing fuel consumption of the vehicle by around 6%. The newly tuned 9-speed automatic transmission uses an electronic module to control gear changes, and gear-shift accuracy and response speed shifting in less than 0.2 seconds which reached a new level promising driving pleasure at any time.

  • Aesthetics New Design

In terms of design, the new Discovery Sport inherits the DNA of the discovery family, with injections of new innovative elements. The overall design is both more dynamic and luxurious. Geometric LED headlights and vertical grilles contain a strong sense of motion, with the laser taillights corresponding to the headlamp shapes. The 20-inch 5-spoke aluminum alloy wheels, with world-top Brembo brake discs, also set up the premium design of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport. The interior of the new car is also very premium in features, with a clean T-shaped Centre Console, Windsor leather seats with contrast stitching, and fully upgraded interior materials, including sporty-look electronic gearshift paddle, and metal sports pedal. The upgraded features also further enhance the visual effect of the cabin.

  • Ultimate – New Upgraded ATRS

Terrain Response capability is an important aspect of the New Discovery Sport, and in line with the Discovery family. The new vehicle is equipped with Terrain Response 2, and offers 6+1 driving environment modes enabling the vehicle to easily adapt to different tough terrain conditions. The New Discovery Sport is also equipped with ClearSight Ground View and All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC), which can accurately control traction and braking output in challenging environments. In addition, the 600mm wading depth and outstanding body geometry systems, with features such as approach Angle, ramp Angle and departure Angle, enable more convenience to users and their families to discover the world.

  • Practical – New Technologies

In terms of technology, the New Discovery Sport is fitted with an Advanced Level 2 Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which includes Adaptive Cruise Control with steering assist, and emergency braking. The advanced configurations enable the vehicle to be aware and monitor the surrounding environment, which can provide necessary intervention and assistance for a safer and more convenient driving experience. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with four screens, including a 12.3-inch high-definition Interactive Driver Display, a 10.2-inch high-definition Touchscreen, a ClearSight interior rear-view mirror and a full-colour Head-up Display (HUD), bringing a more advanced experience for users.

 Three Epidemic Prevention Measures

Faced with a grave situation of wide-spread novel coronavirus, Jaguar Land Rover has implemented a series of epidemic prevention measures in line with the Customer First pledge: Peace-of-Mind Showrooms to guarantees health protection at dealerships, Worry-Free Purchasing to provide brand new online car purchasing experience, Worry-Free Customer Services to offer enhanced comprehensive after-market support.

During the outbreak, all public contact surfaces, including show cars, car bodies and other areas will be openly disinfected by the dealers in time. In addition, all on duty employees will wear name tags and masks. With these new measures, consumers can visit the stores with assurance and purchase the new Discovery Sport. During this period, our on-line service team will also be available to continue to provide online consultation and Q&A services and support for consumers, allowing them to learn more about the product highlights and customer purchase offers via three key JLR e-commerce platforms: Jaguar Land Rover Flagship Wechat Store, Jaguar Land Rover Tmall Flagship Store, and Jaguar Land Rover Official Store. The team will also cooperate directly with the dealers to offer test drive services, proactive reservations, and pre/follow up-services for customers.


[1] The New Discovery Sport standard configured with cabin air ionization technology, which can effectively kill a variety of bacteria with a killing rate of up to 95.96%*.

*Data comes from Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology, refers to Technical Standard for Disinfection (Ministry of Health), to verify the degradation of Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella aertrycke, etc, Report No. 2019FM15557R01D.

[2] According to Freudenberg Group’s PM2.5 Filter Performance Report implemented in its labs both in Germany and China. The research and test was made based on German Standardization Institute (Deutsches Institut für Normung) DIN71460.