Indulge in Spring, Discover Together New Land Rover Discovery Sport Launches Online, whilst “Never Stop Discovering” Commences Its 8th Season

·On March 20th, 2020, the “2020 Spring Land Rover Discovery Season, The New Land Rover Discovery Sport 30-hour on-line Launch Event” was held in the form of online live broadcast in tribute to the 30thanniversary of the Land Rover Discovery Family.

·Season 8 “Never Stop Discovering” officially begins, with all routes of the season announced.

·The New Land Rover Discovery Sport is a “Luxury and Practical, Intelligent and Invincible” mid-size all-terrain SUV, designed for middle-class families. With 5 upgraded practality technologiesof new design, platform, power train,and all-terrain, along with a standard nano-scale air purification system, it meets the needs of the entire family.

·A further upgrade of CJLR iIntelligent manufacturing secures the extraordinary quality of The New Land Rover Discovery Sport.

(March 20th, 2020, Shanghai, China)“The 2020 Spring · Land Rover Discovery Season, The New Land Rover Discovery Sport 30-hour on-line Launch Event” was held in the form of live broadcast, offering an unprecedented UHD live broadcast feast, kicking-off Land Rover’s exciting journeyfor the new year. At this on-line Launch Event, The New Land Rover Discovery Sport was introduced to the public, with its heritage and innovation fully presented to the audience, sharing Chery Jaguar Land Rover’s unparalleled manufacturing strength. Furthermore, a 300 person-live streaming team and independent fashion designer Zhang Na, All-round entertainer Lin Yilun, well-known Japanese architect Shuhei Aoyama, well-known actor Tian Yu and many other “Live Discoverer” hit the stage, bringing a non-stop 30h show of excitement. With the launch The New Land Rover Discovery Sport, “Never Stop Discovering” Season 8 was officially launched as well with a total of eight routes announced and bringing the beauty of China to the customers.

Richard Shore, President of Integrated Marketing, Sales and Service(IMSS), says:” It was an ever-changing 30 years for the Land Rover Discovery. Five Generations, countless off-road expeditions and millions of sales hopefully show you the success and on-going appeal of Discovery.”

Spring Light Brings the New Discovery Sport into Spotlight Online

Equinox, a day that day and night are of approximately equal. With TikTok’s “Super Brands Live Broadcast Day” live IP event, Land Rover brand skilfully combined the traditional automotive industry with live e-commerce, breaking the restriction of time and space, innovatively launching the “2020 Spring · Land Rover Discovery Season The New Land Rover Discovery Sport 30-hour on-line Launch Event”, through exclusive live broadcast and customized content, Land Rover built an innovative and high-quality “live broadcast + e-commerce” platform ecology in TikTok to explore and reach consumer’s demands. This Event started on March 20th6AM. During the 30-hour live broadcast, the 30-year legendary history of the Discovery Family and the birth of The New Land Rover Discovery Sport was presented with detail.

8PM welcomed the climax of the launch. Tian Yu, a film and television star, shared his life and car experience as a test driver of the new product; honoured guests Zhang Na, Lin Yilun, Shuhei Aoyama and Mr. Zhu Hengli, Deputy President of IMSS, took the stage in turn, telling four-dimensional stories about “Discovery” on “clothing”, “food”, “sheltering” and “travelling” , paying tribute to the courage, determination and innovative thinking of the discoverers, and jointly released The New Land Rover Discovery Sport online. In the end, the audience got to feel The Land Rover Discovery Sport’s cutting-edge on being “Luxury and Practical, Intelligent and Invincible” featuresin zero distance, and watched and learnt all the activities of the “Never Stop Discovering” Season 8. As Mr. Zhu Hengli said: “We hope to discover the magnificence that has never been discovered with the Land Rover’s “Never Stop Discovering” events, and to explore the legends to the end of the world.”

Since its establishment in 1948, Land Rover has always been adhering to the spirit of innovation and pioneer and has passionately encouraged more people to start their own adventures and discover the unknown world. Among them, the Land Rover Discovery family, with their all-round practicality, the genes of never stop exploring, and 30 years of relentless evolution. From the first generation of Discovery in 1989, to the Land Rover Discovery in 2014, and The New Land Rover Discovery Sport released today, all were designed to bring consumers with extraordinary experience at the time period and writes a modern evolution history of SUV. The launch of The New Land Rover Discovery Sport marks a new chapter that the family will write with greater power and make the life a never stop miracle.

Beyond the Imagination, Intelligent Technology Shows the Avant Performance

As the new member of the Land Rover Discovery family, The New Land Rover Discovery Sport is designed for new middle-class families with five major technology upgrades, and standard nanoscale air purification system with needs of the entire family taken into consideration. Under the principle of being “Luxury and Practical, Intelligent and Invincible” , The New Land Rover Discovery Sport is built on Jaguar Land Rover’s latest PTA platform, mounted with world-renowned Ingenium 2.0T engine and is equipped with all-new ATRS all-terrain technology, Terrain Response 2, All-terrain Process Control (ATPC), ClearSight Ground Viewand Wading Sensing system that tops its peers, taking convenience and safety into account, leaving all-terrain driving blind-zone free. New practical technologies equipped Land Rover Discovery Sport with new edges. Not only ADAS L2 intelligent driving assistance system was mounted, but also four intelligent “screens”, wireless charging, Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife and other functional configurations are installed to make travelling intelligent and wonderful for customers.

In terms of the exterior, while maintaining the Discovey Family design DNA, The New Land Rover Discovery Sport was also injected with innovative elements, more dynamic appearance, and the interior is more luxurious. More than that, The New Land Rover Discovery Sport is equipped with standard air quality monitoring system, PM2.5 purification system and nano-scale anion sterilization system[1], and the first 5 + 2 seat layout in its class. Humanized design such as theatre-style seat design, near-90 ° door-opening angle accompany users to explore the unknown and discover a wider world.

The New Land Rover Discovery Sport is an innovative product built with Chery Jaguar Land Rover’s intelligent manufacturing and system strength. Its extraordinary quality can be traced back to the intelligent manufacturing strength of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Changshu Plant – the first Jaguar Land Rover OEM outside UK and a global flagship plant of Jaguar Land Rover. As a highly intelligent and integrated modern factory, Chery Jaguar Land Rover Changshu Plant drives Jaguar Land Rover global layout and further development forward with its globally unified manufacturing, technology, supply, management, and quality control standards, and also makes its contribution to China’s high-end automotive manufacturing upgrade. Supported by Chery Jaguar Land Rover Changshu’s comprehensive quality control system and industrial-leading production processes, The New Land Rover Discovery Sport is fully confident to be the trust-worthy choice of consumers.

Above and Beyond, Create the Dream of All-Terrain Technology

Mr. Hu Bo, Marketing & Product Marketing Executive Vice President, IMSS, said at the event: “Every great discovery comes from a completely new discovery. Since its birth, all terrain has been a partner to Land Rover, being not only the most inner core of Land Rover brand, but also the essence of Land Rover which is the yearn for above and beyond. As a continuation of the Land Rover discovery spirit in China, the ‘Never Stop Discovering’ event has been held so far, taking many consumers to measure the land with tires , across the river with technologies, explore the essence of discovery from different dimensions, and feel the greatness of discovery.”

In 2012, the Land Rover launched an innovative experience marketing campaign, “Never Stop Discovering”, which fully explained the spirit of exploring the unknown and never stop discovering. Today, the “Never Stop Discovering” Tour has become one of most influential activities under Land Rover brand, and has received active participation and widespread praise.

During the 30-hour online launch event, Land Rover revisited the wonderful stories of the past seven seasons of “Never Stop Discovering” with live audiences, and announced that the Season 8 themed of “Discovering the Great Beauty” would begin soon. Drive along the 8 routes of Mogan Bamboo Sea, Pure Lands in Tibet, Meiling Ancient Roads, Western Deserts, Vast Grassland, Tengchong Secret Lands, Island Expedition and Chongli in Snow, Land Rover will always be with you to discover the “beauty” along the road “, local “cuisine”, the exquisite and characteristic “beauty in things “, and the “beauty” with all kinds of charms, find your ” Great Beauty ” in your own definition.

Sky and earth are open and clear, fearless are us to discover. Spring brings the world back to the warm days, Land Rover still sticks to its linage but open to bold innovations, while launching The New Land Rover Sport online, “Never Stop Discovering” Season 8 begins too. Land Rover escorts every step of courage and fearlessness. Mr. Chris Chen, Deputy President of Chery Jaguar Land Rover, said: “As our mobile home, the car is an extension of the home. The comfortable space, intelligent technology and pleasant atmosphere that the home gives us, cars need to extend them. With its unique all-terrain capabilities and functionality, combining the extraordinary quality of the ‘Global Flagship Factory’, The New Land Rover Discovery Sport guards the family and the spirit of discovery, make sure the endless discovery, and the heart boundless. ”


[1] The New Land Rover Discovery Sports comes standard with an anion air purifier, which efficiently kills a variety of bacteria with a kill rate of up to 95.96% *.

* Data from the Guangdong Provincial Microbial Analysis and Testing Centre according to the “Disinfection Technical Specification” of the Ministry of Health, test includeing E. coli, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella typhimurium are the detection bacteria, report number 2019FM15557R01D.