Absolute British, Assemble! All New Land Rover Defender 110 Premier at Chengdu Auto Show
捷豹路虎中国与奇瑞捷豹路虎联合市场销售与服务机构总裁李大龙(Richard Shore)先生

·All New F-Type shines its way to the 85th Anniversary of Jaguar Brand

·All New Land Rover Defender 110 Premier at CDAS, price goes from 778,000 to 958,000

(24th July, 2020, Chengdu) The curtain of the 23rd Chengdu International Auto Show (hereinafter referred to as “CDAS”) is officially up today. JLR China and CJLR rocked the show with their whole product range and their UK-originated charisma. Long-time-anticipated All New Land Rover Defender 110 is also officially launched. Land Rover’s Range Rover family and Discovery family also have their models presented on the show, which spoke volume for the spirit of “Above and Beyond”. Moreover, All New Jaguar F-Type shined its way to CDAS’ stage along with New British Premium Coupé-style SUV PACE family, New British Dynamic Business Sedan X family and gave the perfect interpretation of their racing DNA. With Jaguar and Land Rover, the combination of heritage and innovation brings the ever-changing but always excellent product experience to the public.

All New Land Rover Defender Models and Official Prices

All New Land Rover Defender 110 SE: RMB 778,000

All New Land Rover Defender 110 HSE: RMB 828,000

All New Land Rover Defender 110 Dark Edition: RMB 888,000

All New Land Rover Defender 110 X: RMB 958,000

10 Glory Years in China, and Here We Go Again

July 1st marked the 10th anniversary of JLR’s entry into China market, as well as the next journey that this British Premium Brand is about to embrace. Since its entry into China market in 2010, with the rise of China SUV segment and consumption upgrade, JLR has been on its way up ever since. China is the biggest auto market in the world, and JLR has always paid great attention to the localization, aiming at making China market into JLR’s global strategy base. In the face of a new stage, other than upgrading its products with innovations, it will also combine China resources and technologies to stay at the forefront of the time and contribute itself to China and the world with its endless innovations and limitless possibilities.

85th Anniversary of Jaguar Brand, Racing DNA is Both Seasoned and Constantly New

Jaguar Brand has seen 85 year off, and its unique design has been embedded in its DNA. Sir William Lyons, founder of Jaguar, once said “Every Jaguar should be known for its inviting design, excellent performance and exquisite craftsmanship.” And Jaguar has always been true to its beginner’s heart by combining innovation perfectly to evolution.

As a unique premium auto brand, Jaguar provides customers with various options and configurations with its unique design language and premium customized performance, helping customers express their own personalities. This year, Jaguar’s market campaign will be about the uniqueness of the Jaguar brand. Via product upgrade and differentiated technologies, Jaguar presents All New Jaguar F-Type to provide customers with extraordinary modern British driving experience.

As the President of Integrated Marketing, Sales and Service, Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover, Richard Shore said “85 years, starting from 24 Hours of Le Mans to FIA Formula E championship, the British brand that created numerous racing legends has always been on the forefront of tech innovation and aesthetics design. This new model is an extension of Jaguar design DNA, gives full play to Jaguar’s excellent performance and design aesthetics, and is a perfect balance of performance and pleasure.”

All New Jaguar F-Type enjoys a full appearance upgrade. Chic and elegant design makes every single line on the body irresistible; every new element of the design is saying how unique it is. New Jaguar F-Type can be mounted with JLR-developed Ingenium 2.0T and 3.0L V6 Supercharger engine for you to choose. Excellent engine performance, together with light-weight aluminium body structure and highly-intelligent ZF 8-gear AMT makes surging power possible and provides customer with pure enjoyment of driving. As Jaguar’s New British Sportscar, the All New Jaguar F-TYPE, with its aesthetic and distinctive exterior design, luxurious and comfortable cockpit environment, and pure and passionate performance control, accompanies sports car enthusiasts to break the boundaries of style and taste to enjoy the joyful driving pleasure.

The All New F-TYPE launched a total of five models, the official prices are RMB 582,000 – RMB 918,000.

72 Years of Accumulation, and the Defender is Back for Another Legend

72 years of continuous improvement, Land Rover Defender is now a symbol in extreme all-terrain SUV segment. July 16th, All New Land Rover Defender 110 made its debut in China and started the presell, what’s more important, redefined the spirit of Above and Beyond of the 21st century with is even more powerful performance and extraordinary all-terrain technology. Today, 4 models of All New Land Rover Defender 110 family- All New Land Rover Defender 110 SE, All New Land Rover Defender 110 HSE, All New Land Rover Defender 110 Dark Edition, All New Land Rover Defender 110 X are officially launched to the market. All New Land Rover Defender 110 is the most comprehensive model combining performance, technology and driving experience into one under the support of 1 dedicated platform, 2 intelligent technologies and 3 upgraded all-terrain technologies. The differentiated pricing of different models and rich option of configurations meets Chinese customers’ needs in an even better way and makes All New Land Rover Defender 110 the most heart-pouring and cost-effective choice in the market.

All New Land Rover Defender 110 boasts extraordinary, trend-leading modern design ideology and the technology that conquers all kinds of terrains. The return of the king would defend Land Rover brand’s legend in premium all-terrain SUV segment. So far, All New Defender family of “ultimate performance”, “omnipotent and practical” Discovery family, and “exquisite and luxurious” Range Rover family have made the puzzle of Land Rover Premium SUV complete.

The Deputy President of Integrated Marketing, Sales and Service, Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover, Henry Zhu said “For 72 years, Land Rover has been creating miracles and pushing limits in premium all-terrain SUV segment, and becomes the benchmark with its innovative technologies, craftsmanship and quality. Defender family, which is widely praised by global adventurers and off-road experts, is always considered as the ‘spiritual totem’. Now that All New Land Rover Defender is back, it would surely be the most trust-worthy buddy of the off-road lovers again.”

As JLR wins the acknowledgement of the market, it also invests in public goods continuously, and fulfills its corporate social responsibility via all kinds of innovative forms. All New Land Rover Defender and Asia Modern Art created 3 All New Land Rover Defender 110 First Art Editions which are of matte silver. 3 emerging artists, Chen Tianzhuo, Liang Yuanwei, and Zhao Zhao designed these three cars under the theme of “Limitlessness”, “Fusion” and “Wildness” to reflect the All New Land Rover Defender’s spirit and passion for adventures with their nowhere-near-common designs.

The designer of “Fusion”, Liang Yuanwei, was presented in the event and had an in-depth conversation with the Executive Vice President of Public Relations & Corporate Communications, Jaguar Land Rover China, and the Acting Executive Vice President of Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Sales and Service, Ms. Wang Yan. Liang Yuanwei expressed the logic behind her design: “All New Land Rover Defender has a sharp and determined feeling to me, but at the same time, elegant. Just like Athena, the goodness of war, wisdom and beauty. And my design takes All New Land Rover Defender 110’s spare tire cover as Athena’s shield and fuel tank cap as the backboard of the portrait in the shrine.” Liang Yuanwei interpreted Land Rover Defender’s spirit with godlike perspective. This design is an extension of her study of classic paintings and a perfect combination of her study and Land Rover Defender.

3 All New Land Rover Defender 110 First Art Editions are now all auctioned. JLR plans to donate the fund to China Song Qing Ling Foundation in support of Jaguar Land Rover China Children & Youth Dream Fund’s “Land Rover Limitless Love- Eyesight Care” programme, which will support at least 110 children or teenagers in remote areas in their ophthalmic surgery, thus having the beauty of art beautify All New Land Rover Defender even more, opening up China children and teenagers’ eyes with love, and encouraging them to go further.

Defender is the power of our time. Every rotation of the Defender’s wheels marks the conquest the adventures made over the most challenging terrain, the new boundary they broadened. “Team Defender” is thus formed. It is a special team of passionate Defender lovers who are fully for exploring the no-man’s land, finding the limitless road, and giving the selfless love. Team Defender is officially established in this event, with members from all walks of like, they are Land Rover loyal customers, Land Rover employees, Land Rover dealers, and Land Rover fans. What they share is the yearn of transcending themselves, of going on a trip that is unknown to all. In the future, Team Defender will promote the true spirit of adventure and innovation along with All New Land Rover Defender.

30 Years of Discovery, 50 Years of Range Rover

Land Rover Discovery family is 30 years old. 2015 is the year that domestic Discovery Sport launched in China market and was loved by customers ever since. After 4 years of upgrade, configurations are further optimized, and even more welcomed by a wider range of loyal customers. Under the people-oriented design ideology, All New Land Rover Discovery Sport will never fail the customers’ expectations and will bring customers with better experience.

All New Land Rover Discovery Sport renovated Discovery family’s design DNA and has new and innovative elements injected into the design as well as British luxury. Moreover, it’s much more than just a luxurious car, the continuous insistence of practicality is also the highlight of the model. Benefited from the all new PTA platform, All New Land Rover Discovery Sport introduced 48V mild hybrid Ingenium engine. In spite of the starts and stops on city roads, the system is able to recycle the dynamics into electrical powers and have it stored in the battery and will be used as a assisting power, making sure that when vehicle starts, it can achieve relative high output torque when the vehicle is still at low RPM level. 40% improvement in start-response brings a smoother, at-will control experience with passengers’ riding experience fully taken into consideration.

Meanwhile, optimized driving system noise suppression pack, silent tires and vehicle-level NVH improvement also largely contribute to All New Land Rover Discovery Sport’s noise control, providing driver and passenger with a more comfortable in-car environment.

Brand new second generation ATRS all-terrain technology further strengthens All New Land Rover Discovery Sport’s all-terrain capability. Flexible 5+2 seat layout, more intelligent technologies, advanced driving assisting technologies, together with all-terrain innovative techs, speak volume for Land Rover Discovery family’s spirit of “Never Stop Exploring”.

Range Rover family has a history of half a century. At the birth of Range Rover, it made itself the face of the time with is luxury, power performance, and off-road capability. To celebrate the milestone, Range Rover will introduce a special edition for the 50th anniversary. Stay tuned.

Break through the tradition and there’s a whole new world for you to explore. Decades of the journey has seen Jaguar and Land Rover marching their way forward, against the tide, composedly. It’s the belief of never giving up that makes Jaguar and Land Rover strive for the better. Jaguar and Land Rover, two brands that always are forward-looking, relentless in the pursuit of perfection, will inherit the excellent quality, and explore the universe, enjoy the journey of life with our beloved customers.