Led by New Land Rover Defender 90, Jaguar Land Rover Shines at 2020 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition with Strong Squad
捷豹路虎中国与奇瑞捷豹路虎联合市场销售与服务机构总裁李大龙(Richard Shore)先生
联合市场销售与服务机构市场部执行副总裁罗琳(Laureline Cochet)女士

·New Land Rover Defender 90 and New Jaguar F-PACE make their Asia debut

·21MY Range Rover Sport is officially launched at the price from RMB 864,800 to RMB 1,838,000

·New Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e’s official price is announced, RMB 422,800

(20th November 2020, Guangzhou) 2020 (18th) Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as GZAS) officially starts today. Jaguar and Land Rover shine at the stage with multiple strong models. In the press conference, New Land Rover Defender 90 and New Jaguar F-PACE made their Asia debut, presenting unique charisma of a luxurious brand of British linage. 21MY Range Rover Sport is officially launched at the price from RMB 864,800 to RMB 1,838,000. Jaguar Land Rover also announced the first local new energy vehicle, New Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e, at the official price of RMB 422,800.

2020 marks the 10th anniversary of Jaguar Land Rover’s entry into China market. During the past decade, “Customer First” has always been Jaguar Land Rover’s core philosophy, along with the continuous in-depth development and the strategic layout of “In China, For the World”, Jaguar Land Rover has built China as comprehensive base for Jaguar Land Rover global business. Jaguar Land Rover strives to satisfy China demands with products and innovations, meanwhile reinforce the local R&D capability, empower “the globalization of domestic demands”. This year, with the launch of multiple major models and innovative marketing approaches, Jaguar Land Rover wins over the heart of more customers and maintains a sound momentum of development.

“Jaguar Land Rover shows continuous and steady growth in Q3, both Jaguar and Land Rover made 14.6% MOM growth in volume comparing to Q2, and the single month volume growth of October is 27% MOM.”, says Richard Shore, President of Integrated Marketing Sales and Service, Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover, “with the launch of a collection of new products, we believe that such momentum would continue throughout the year and extend well into 2021.”

One of The Kind, New Land Rover Defender 90 Makes Its Asia Debut

New Land Rover Defender 90 mixes classic with modern in its look which makes it highly distinguishable. Inheriting multiple representative design elements, classic outline, golden ratio, high ground clearance, short front and rear suspension, gives a visual interpretation of what a SUV with ultimate all-terrain capability should be like.

Short front and rear suspensions are the things that made all-terrain “Platinum Geometry” possible: approach angle and departure angle are 37.5°and 40°respectively, ramp angle is 31°; maximum 900mm wading depth grants the vehicle with excellent traffic ability. Electronic air suspension is standard configuration across the line, which would low the vehicle height for 40mm for an easier access when driver getting in/out of the vehicle as the easy access mode would low the air suspension for driver.

InControl OS 2.0 has a quicker response and a smoother operation which can efficiently eliminate at most 50% of the operation steps for the user. InControl OS 2.0 supports popular mobile connectivity Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife at the same time, online update of SOTA makes sure the core function of the vehicle is at the latest version at all time.

The 3-door-5-seat layout of New Land Rover Defender 90 is a perfect fit for the fashion trend in modern city. To make sure personalized demands of young customers in modern cities, New Land Rover Defender 90 offers over 1,000 colour and configuration combinations (including paint, seat, roof, contrast roof), and 170 accessories. The New Land Rover 90 Classis Replication exhibited in GZAS is configured with classic white foldable semi-hardtop, optional 22-inch aluminium hub, giving the vehicle a unique style.

As Ms. Laureline Cochet, Integrated Marketing Sales and Service Marketing Executive Vice President, said: “New Land Rover Defender 90 makes itself one of a kind with highly distinguishable look, forceful all-terrain capability, advanced intelligent technologies and 3-door-5-seat layout. It found the perfect balance between ultimate all-terrain capability and urban daily usage.”

A Dazzling Appearance, New Jaguar F-PACE Is to Define Excellent British Style

As the first SUV of Jaguar brand, F-PACE starts the segment of Coupe SUV. New Jaguar F-PACE is to define excellent British style with its upgraded dynamic look, new interior design language, advanced technology of connectivity, Jaguar Land Rover-developed Ingenium 3.0L supercharger engine.

New Jaguar F-PACE body line and ratio maintained the pure linage of Jaguar family. Engine hood, LED headlamp, tail lamp and tail door are adopted with brand new design, with a stylish upgrade of grille and bumper which makes it highly distinguishable.

New Jaguar F-PACE also upgraded its interior, reflecting Jaguar’s all new design concept combing luxurious material and refined craftsmanship into one. Newly installed active noise cancelling technology reduces road noise and other low frequency noises by collecting ambient noise via audio system and sends out reverse sound wave, further enhancing the quietness in the cockpit.

This model is also mounted with advanced Jaguar Land Rover EVA 2.0, 11.4-inch HD curved touch screen go with InControl OS 2.0 and SOTA online upgrade tech, all software of vehicle-mounted system will be of the latest version at all time.

A Luxurious Upgrade, 21MY Range Rover Sport Offers More Configurations

Range Rover Sport is the first in the sport luxury all-terrain SUV. It combines excellent road experience, a style of luxury and iconic Land Rover ATRS into itself, but with clearer and more passionate personality. 21MY Range Rover Sport offers more configurations, and makes a luxurious upgrade.

Two new colours, Hakuba Silver and Lantau Bronze help to show the personality and the charm. Standard PM 2.5 air purification is the guardian to the health. 21MY Range Rover Sport SE now has 20-inch aluminium hub, MeridianTM audio system and induction tailgate, 21MY Range Rover Sport HST would have front row central armrest refrigerator and rare seat AC seat, giving the British luxury a full play.

21MY Range Rover Sport specially added standard black appearance pack and free black contract roof version on the base of 20MY HSE making it Dynamic Black. 21-inch 5 hub diamond cut aluminium hub shows how sporty it is while other configurations like heating steering wheel, adaptive cruise control and side parking radar makes it even more comfortable and convenient to drive the car.

21MY Range Rover Sport P400e: RMB 864,800

21MY Range Rover Sport SE: RMB 908,000

21MY Range Rover Sport Dynamic Black: RMB 1,008,000

21MY Range Rover Sport HST: RMB 1,108,000

21MY Range Rover Sport SVR: RMB 1,838,000

The Leader of The Future, New Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e Expands The Layout of New Energy Vehicle

As Jaguar Land Rover’s first local new energy vehicle, New Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e, which is built in the intelligent Changshu Plant, was officially launched. This PHEV is built on advanced PTA platform, as it continues to be comprehensively practical as a Discovery Family member should be, it’s more environmental-friendly and economical.

New Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e is mounted with new Ingenium 1.5L turbocharged engine and plug-in hybrid system. With Engine and motor working together, the power would be strong, the fuel consumption would be low, kinetic energy recovery rate would be high. It has EV, hybrid and battery retention mode to choose from. EV milage goes up to 54km, hybrid gives a total power of 309 horsepower and a total torque output of 540n/m with 2L fuel consumption per 100km, and 47g/km CO2 emission.

This is a model with forward looking battery technology and highly intelligent battery management system, a PHEV of DC/AC charge mode at the same time. Under DC quick charge mode, power 32KW, 30 minutes would have the battery 80% charged; under AC slow charge mode, power 7KW, 2 hours and 3 minutes would charge the battery from 0% to 100%.

Henry Zhu, Deputy President of Integrated Marketing Sales and Service, Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover says: “As a British premium automotive company, Jaguar Land Rover has always been dedicated to achieve the revolution of automation, connectivity, electrification and sharing, creating extraordinary new energy cars to provide customers with cleaner, safer and more intelligent way of travelling in the future, establish the connection between brand, dealer and users, and deep root ourselves in China.”

Continue to Innovate, Jaguar Land Rover Starts Female Customer Experience Campaign for Both Brands

In the press conference, Jaguar Land Rover officially announced its brand new project “Lady First.” Many modern ladies’ attitude of enjoying life, express self-assertion, living life to the fullest is in perfect line with Jaguar and Land Rover’s brand spirit. Jaguar Land Rover is dedicated to encourage more female customers to be fearless towards the unknown and embrace the challenge, and dare to explore more. The lead singer of Forgotten Club, Ms. Liu Xin, who is full of charm and personality, attended the press conference and had an in-depth conversation with Anthea Wang, Jaguar Land Rover China Public Relationship & Communications Executive Vice President. Liu Xin’s assertion on being herself, on music is one excellent kind of interpretation of what Lady First means. Jaguar Land Rover thus invited her to be the first invited experience officer of the Lady First. Liu Xin and her band contributed their live music on the event, showing the audience the charm of Rock and Roll along with New Land Rover Defender 90.

Multiple models from Land Rover’s Ranger Rover family, Discovery family are also exhibited in GZAS, representing the spirit of “Above and Beyond.” The exquisite New Jaguar F-TYPE also joined the stage with all models from luxurious coupe SUV PACE family, dynamic sedan X Family, showing what racking track DNA stands for. Also, Jaguar Land Rover has an additional exterior experience centre outside of the exhibition hall. From 20th November to 24th November, Jaguar Land Rover will have “2020 Jaguar Land Rover Experience Camp” with products from both brands and all models for audiences to have a diversified product experience through activities like static display, safe driving training and dynamic test drive.

Jaguar and Land Rover, two premium automotive brands of British origin, stays the pioneer leading the trend of premium segment of the time with its unique design language, advanced technology and excellent performance. In the future, Jaguar and Land Rover will not cease the step in exploring and innovation while inheriting the rich history, providing customers with pure British experience that exceeds their expectation.