Reimagine the Future of Modern Luxury
Jaguar Land Rover Attends the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition with Iconic Models
5.全新路虎卫士110 V8车型
6.捷豹路虎中国与奇瑞捷豹路虎联合市场销售与服务机构总裁李大龙(Richard Shore)先生
8.捷豹F-TYPE V6赛道传奇版

· The Chinese market will safeguard and accelerate the implementation of Jaguar Land Rover’s “Reimagine” global strategy

· The new Jaguar XFL, a new British sports sedan, makes its world debut

· The new Defender 90 is launched with MSRP starting from RMB 728,000

· The new Defender 110 V8 makes its debut in Chinese market

· The new Jaguar F-PACE is launched with MSRP starting from RMB 456,800

· Jaguar releases F-TYPE V6 Racing Legend Edition for Chinese market, MSRP RMB 868,000

· Jaguar Land Rover announces its cooperation with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

(April 19th, 2021, Shanghai) The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (hereinafter as “SHAS”) had its opening today. Jaguar and Land Rover made a stunning appearance with many iconic models, presenting the modern luxury charm and deep-rooted British lineage.

 On the first day of SHAS, Jaguar Land Rover highlighted that the Chinese market is bound to safeguard and accelerate the implementation of its “Reimagine” global strategy, while presenting its vision and strategic layout for the future development of modern luxury. Meanwhile, the new Jaguar XFL, a premium sports sedan, made its world debut. The launch of the much-anticipated new Defender 90 and the new Defender 110 V8 presented the hard-core capabilities of the British luxury all-terrain SUV brand. Jaguar launched the new F-PACE, a luxury performance SUV, and announced the MSRP of the F-TYPE V6 Racing Legend Edition, an exclusive product for China. The diversified product matrix reveals Jaguar’s deeply rooted racing heritage. In addition, Jaguar Land Rover announced its cooperation with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

 Chinese Market Drives the Global Strategy by Design

In this February, Jaguar Land Rover announced its “Reimagine” global strategy. Through the two distinctive British brands, Jaguar and Land Rover, the company will reimagine the future of modern luxury by design through its two distinct British brands. The electrification of these two brands will be the core of the new strategy. All Jaguar and Land Rover nameplates will be available in pure electric form within the decade.

 With a focus on Chinese customers, Jaguar Land Rover will comprehensively transform the existing system to create a customer-centric model with scenario-based services. Based on the “China as Innovation Engine” strategy proposed three years ago, Jaguar Land Rover will continue to enhance its core capabilities and build a digital capability center in China. With the world’s most resilient, advanced, and dynamic supplier system, the Chinese market is bound to safeguard and accelerate the implementation of Jaguar Land Rover’s global strategy of “Reimagine”.

 Mr. Qing Pan, Member of Board of Management of Jaguar Land Rover, CEO and President of Jaguar Land Rover China, said: “We will amplify the local innovative advantages of R&D, procurement, and manufacturing to cater to the needs of every customer. With the two distinct British brands of Jaguar and Land Rover, we will reimagine the future of modern luxury by design, and provide good services to every Chinese customer!”

 The World Debut of the Trend-Setting New Jaguar XFL

As the first domestic model from Jaguar, the Jaguar XFL was built in the Changshu production base, Jaguar Land Rover’s global intelligent model plant. It impressed customers with its new British style, and as a perfect partner for business, family and fun.

 The new Jaguar XFL features upgraded luxury and sportiness, and sets a new benchmark for medium-large luxury sports sedan. The new model presents a more elegant and dynamic profile, with two new exterior styles adding to its personality and individuality. The interior design takes on a fresh look. The new crystal gear shifter specially created for the Chinese market further unleashes British nobility. Technology-wise, the new Jaguar XFL is equipped with InControl OS 2.0 infotainment system. Moreover, the vehicle offers multi-screen connectivity via the floating curved 11.4-inch touchscreen, the 12.3-inch Full LCD Interactive Driver Display, and the second-generation HUD. The freshly launched new Jaguar XFL combines elegant and dynamic design, multi-screen connectivity, and British luxury experience. It defines the trend and caters to diversified needs.

 A New Member to the Defender Family, the Launch of the New Defender 90

The Defender has always been the spiritual totem of Land Rover. From design to performance, it conveys the brand spirit of “Above and Beyond”. The new Defender 90 stands out in today’s luxury SUV market with its highly recognizable profile, powerful all-terrain capability, advanced intelligent technology, and three-door, five-seater layout. The vehicle caters to all needs of both extreme all-terrain expedition and urban daily trips with an overwhelming and confident driving experience. The new Defender 90 is an aspirational choice for young urban customers who pursuit individuality, freedom, and fashion.

New Defender MSRP:

–       New Defender 90 400PS X-Dynamic S, RMB 728,000

–       New Defender 90 400PS First Edition, RMB 768,000

 After the successful launch of the new Defender 110, the new Defender 90 breathes vitality in the Defender family and enriches product options. The new Defender family, which takes the pursuit of durability as its core, constitutes a complete luxury all-terrain SUV product matrix of Land Rover together with the Discovery family, which takes versatility as its mission, as well as the refined Range Rover family.

 The new Defender 110 V8 made its debut in Chinese market at SHAS. The new vehicle is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 supercharged petrol engine, with a maximum power of 525 PS and a maximum torque of 625 Nm. It takes only 5.4 sec to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. The new Defender 110 V8, the most powerful Defender in the history of Land Rover, further enhances the strength of the Defender family.

 Richard Shore, President of IMSS, said: “Land Rover brand will continue to consolidate its leading position in the luxury SUV market, while making further improvement in its level of electrification. Meanwhile, it will keep on enabling the three Land Rover product families with ATRS.”

 A Demonstration of Britishness, Jaguar New Jaguar F-PACE Hits the Market

In 2015, Jaguar launched its first SUV, Jaguar F-PACE, which opened the segmentation of luxury performance SUV. Featuring a more dynamic exterior, a new interior design language, advanced connectivity and Jaguar’s independently developed Ingenium 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged engine, the new Jaguar F-PACE brings distinguished Britishness, as well as pure and delightful driving experience to Chinese customers.

New Jaguar F-PACE MSRP:

–       2.0L 250PS AWD, RMB 456,800

–       2.0L 250PS AWD R-Dynamic S, RMB 486,800

–       2.0L 250PS AWD R-Dynamic SE, RMB 528,000

–       3.0L 340PS AWD R-Dynamic SE, RMB 598,000

 At the SHAS, Jaguar also unveiled the F-TYPE V6 Racing Legend Edition, which is tailored for the Chinese market. The special edition pays tribute to the 60th anniversary of Jaguar’s legendary E-Type. This model is available in two of Jaguar’s most iconic colours, British Racing Green and Carpathian Grey, and has a limited offer of approximately 60 units nationwide. The F-TYPE V6 Racing Legend Edition is equipped with sports configurations, such as standard 20-inch, 5-spoke Gloss Black wheels, Exterior Black Design Pack, and luxury Windsor leather performance seats. With its purest Jaguar design heritage, the special edition brings extraordinary driving experience, with MSRP of RMB 868,000.

 Cross-Over Cultural Exchange, Jaguar Land Rover to Cooperation with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

At the press conference, Jaguar Land Rover announced its plan of long-term cooperation with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, which has a profound history and remarkable influence in Chinese symphony community. The cross-over of Jaguar Land Rover and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra will facilitate culture and art exploration while thoroughly presenting corporate spirit.

 The 60th anniversary edition of Jaguar E-Type, Jaguar X family of sports sedans, PACE family of sports SUVs, and TYPE series of sports cars were also on display at this SHAS, demonstrating the unique charm of Jaguar brand. The Range Rover SVA, as well as models from Land Rover’s Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender families were also shown to convey the brand concept of “Above and Beyond”.

Embrace changes and reimagine the future. Jaguar and Land Rover brands will continue to innovate, and present modern luxury by design, while carrying on its rich heritage. It pledges to keep on bringing Chinese customers up-to-date products and exciting British driving experience.